Janyce Boynton: Whimsical Paper and Acrylic Collages

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Mixed-media Art

Collage artist Janyce Boynton uses hand-stamped papers and acrylic paint to create nature-inspired collages filled with her home state’s flora and fauna. Janyce lists among her influences a lifetime of crafts and artmaking, including Ukrainian egg decorating, painting, art quilting, screen-printing and photography.

In fact, I’d say her diverse background is what makes her collages—which often take on a quilt-like look and texture—really stand out. Take a look at a few of her pieces and see if you agree!

After meeting a moose on an early morning bicycle ride, Janyce was inspired to create Moose and Three Sparrows below:


“Fortunately, the moose seemed just as curious about me as I did about him,” she says.

Janyce built tons of layers of color, texture and subject matter into this captivating scene. The bright white flowers and dark rocks in front make for a wonderfully dynamic foreground, and their colors are mimicked in the moose’s hide and aspen trees, both of which use pronounced prints to make them stand out.

What causes the collage to “pop,” though, are the soft greens, blues, and purples that dreamily drape the landscape. And, have you found the three sparrows yet? :)

When you put blue and orange together, you’re bound to have a vibrant, energetic collage and Poppies in Vase is no exception. The ultimate summer flower, poppies signify the season’s blue-skied days and luminous sunsets!


Those wonderful etchings in the vase give it a rough texture like that of an antique clay Indian pot. Meanwhile, the busy grey patterns in the background add to that feeling of summer, when time seems to fly by unnoticed and there’s always something fun to do!

Lastly, when you’re all alone in nature, oftentimes it’s the smallest things that can be the most meaningful. Janyce hints at this in A Whisper below:


A whisper of a breeze, shaking foliage down into a forest. A whisper of a fox’s paws as it glides by unnoticed. And, what I see in this piece, a whisper of leaves floating – trembling—atop water.

Do you see it, too? I feel like I’m looking down on a slow-moving brook, where leaves have collected on the surface of the water. Each hint of a leaf in that shimmering, depth-filled purple “water” is intricate and beyond phenomenal.

Another favorite, Birches, Moon and Berries, didn’t make it into this article, but it’s beautiful—as are all the rest of Janyce’s pieces. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit her website and take a look today!


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