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I know woman who is a talented, kind, and generous artist. Patricia Hobbs’ watercolor and acrylic paintings are creative, beautiful, bright, and unusual. Her talents also extend to fiber arts, but many times, both mediums merge into a piece.

Below is just one of her bright and creative quilts titled Elements of a Homestead.


Often, Pat paints on the fabric of quilts, some of which are collages of many techniques and items. Pat taught art in public schools for 34 years and continues to teach anyone who wants to improve their artistic skills. She has a gift for critiquing in a way that informs and encourages.

I first met Pat while both of us taught at Macomb Jr./Sr. High school. Pat had an art club after school for students. My oldest son was in high school at the time, and my younger daughters came to stay in my classroom after school. Pat encouraged the girls to join them and they loved it. One of girls is now finishing her degree in graphic communication with a minor in art. I have no doubt that early encouragement by Pat helped to steer her in this direction.

Pat has even continued to encourage artists during retirement. She is very involved in the weekly meetings of the plein air group which meets every week throughout the year. I am able to join them during the summer and look forward to watching her paint and to learn from her. Pat loves to explore new methods and is unafraid of experimenting with techniques which she shares with others.

My own recent artistic endeavors are in the world of wet felting. My facebook page is All Things Felt by Maria Montalvo.

Thank you for this opportunity to “blow the horn” for a fellow artist. Pat is well deserving of recognition, and although she does not have a website I have included an article, written for the local newspaper which can be found here.

Special thanks to Maria for her nomination! Please take a look at both artists’ work above, and stay tuned for more nominations throughout the week!

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