Janis Zroback: Dazzling Watercolor Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Watercolor Paintings

Do you want to experience a world brimming with mystic landscapes and enchanting colors? If so, look no further than Janis Zroback’s technicolored artwork.

Her landscapes are like when Dorothy stepped out of Kansas and into the land of Oz. They’re colorful. Playful. Effortlessly realistic. And no matter what she chooses to depict, it’s sure to capture your heart and be a treat for your eyes. Let’s take a look!

This first painting, The Harbor, is completely impressionistic, with a luminous moon bursting forth from behind sheer clouds. Glowing light sprinkles onto the still waters like a thousand stars falling from the sky. It’s pure magic.


Using watercolor, Janis’ sky takes on a beautiful effect similar to the Aurora Borealis, while pools of orange and red provide additional depth, intrigue and substance to the painting.

Maybe it’s because I’m going skiing soon, but Past the Plunge brings to mind exciting memories of past ski trips—the thrill of flying down a steep mountainside as the world fades away, curtained by blowing, billowing snow.


Janis’ trees are just a blur in the background, which lends a feeling of speed and dangerous adventure to the scene. Meanwhile, in the forefront, details stand firm against the rush of snow, wind and skiers—a lone tree limb even juts out from the scene, giving us a unique bird’s eye view of the mountain.

Last up for today, I have to keep telling myself that The Cupcake in Sepia below is not a photograph. The texture alone in the tablecloth—I mean, wow!


Then, take in the cupcake, from the gleam of chocolately goodness to the creamy frosting swirling upward to the squishy orange gummy bear on top. But it’s the wrapper that really does me in—perfectly crinkled around a perfectly decadent treat. Well done!

I’ll admit, when it came to picking just three of Janis’ works to write about, it was almost impossible—I was drawn toward painting after painting. That’s why you must her website. Head over now and see the rest of her work!


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