Mark Leggett: Gorgeous Watercolor Landscapes of Scotland

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor painter Mark Leggett lives on the stunning west coast of Scotland, where he has ample inspiration for his two main passions: painting and running. The coastline delivers both, providing miles of beach to jog and plenty of places to capture the exquisite beauty of coastal scenery.

Featuring epic, stormy skies, Early Morning on Loch Lomond showcases low-hanging clouds heavy with moisture. Mark expertly depicts these thunderheads using an ink blot texture that is gritty and unmerciful.

early morning on loch lomond

Barely visible blue skies peek through the smotheringly dense clouds, which, in turn, cast a cool lavender shadow over the misty ocean inlet.

Luckily, the sun returns abundantly in Glen Nevis. Piles of rocks create a cobblestone pathway into the heart of Scotland’s coastal flora and fauna. As the sun’s rays shine down on various parts of the cliff, diverse browns and reds make their presence known in the finely reflecting sediment.

glen nevis

Where the sun fails to rest, a thin layer of moss prevails. Layers of objects—the rocks, grassland, trees and cliff—create a painting with substance and an appreciation for finer details.

Lastly, Sunset on the West Coast of Scotland is, in a word, magical. A golden sky caresses the edges of the watercolor paper, allowing the natural glare of the sun to pierce the water with such ferocity it’s almost blinding.

sunset on the west coast of Scotland

Mark perfectly captures that golden light of early evening in a way that makes you remember every beautiful sunset you’ve seen in your life. You can see his individual brushstrokes coming alive in the distant hills and rippling water, hesitantly mixing together in a refreshingly honest way.

Of course, these paintings barely scratch the surface of Mark’s extensive portfolio. Check out his work on his Etsy site for more stunningly peaceful artwork.


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