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Hey everyone! Thanks again to all of you who responded to our latest survey (you can see the results here) and an extra BIG “thank you” to everyone who’s already asked to be a part of the Google Group we’re starting.

Wait—Google Group? What?


I’m starting a Google Group based on the survey results to help us figure out the best way to launch an EE art gallery. In fact, I’ll be using this week to get that off the ground, so there’ll be no new articles here on EmptyEasel until next Sunday.

In the meantime, however, I’d love to have you all join in the discussion with me!

Check out the original article to make sure you’re interested in what we’re putting together, and if you are, contact me—I’ll send you an invite to the group tomorrow!

And on a slightly different note:

Don’t you love it when creative people put their minds to helping others?

A good friend of mine designed “The Shoe That Grows” to help kids in extreme poverty, and wow, this last week the internet really took notice!

You’ve probably already seen this story trending on Facebook, Huffington Post, or countless other websites. . . but if you haven’t, it’s absolutely amazing. Not only do these durable, long-lasting shoes go to kids who really need them, but they also expand up to 5 sizes, to grow along WITH the child.

Please click on over to The Shoe That Grows fundraising page to learn more and help support this great cause.

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Coming Up – An EE Art Gallery!

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