Ana Guerra: Lustrous Mixed-media Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Mixed-media Art

Where Ana Guerra paints, happiness follows. Whether it’s her own joy in creating, or others’ delight in her work, the sheer feeling of happiness in her craft is what makes Ana pick up her paintbrush again and again.

Her vibrant mixed-media paintings are developed with air brush, oil, acrylic, but the one thing they all have in common is bright, luminous color. And how could anyone be anything but happy around that?

Flowers From My Garden is especially moving and full of lively expression. A vase as deep blue as the infinite universe is packed with exuberant flowers, unleashing a thousand thoughts on the nature of life and the splendor of nature.


Flowers as numerous as the stars in the sky—and seemingly exploding forth with the same vivacity—burst out of the vase, beautiful and uncontainable. I don’t know about you, but I think I need to start looking at the flowers from MY garden with the same excitement and heartfelt meaning as Ana does!

Ana’s next painting contains beautiful, crinkled texture and golden, earthy tones. Perhaps it is the very colors she has chosen for this abstract piece that remind me of a map of the continents, surrounded by lovely ocean blue.

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The intermingling of blue, green and purple add complexity as they swirl amidst delicious caramel accents, while crimson/orange blocks of color around the edges of the painting gently push the viewer’s eye toward the center of the painting. Those blocks also add substance and depth to the piece, since they appear to be situated above/closer to the viewer than the rest of the painting.

And lastly, are there any two better complimentary colors that contain more zest for life than the pure, unadulterated colors that are orange and blue?


In this painting, a filmy swath of electric blue scarf shields the woman from the illuminating, fiery colors surrounding her. Orange, red and yellow mingle sporadically in an easygoing, natural manner. . . but the brilliance they add to the composition is anything but relaxed!

This composition is alive; hungry—perhaps burning with the unseen spirit of this woman, whose face seems to glow in the surrounding display of warmth and light. Her eyes, however, are distant and mysterious, giving us no window into her inner thoughts.

I should mention as well. . . mixed media paintings aren’t the only tricks in Ana’s bag. She’s also incredibly adept at creating clay figurines which showcase elegant women in the most mysterious and feminine of ways. Make sure to take a look at the rest of her work on her website today!


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