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What does creating art mean to mixed media artist Kris Gould of Newcastle, California? In a word, freedom. “Anytime I can lose myself in a painting or photograph, life is good,” she said.

Kris has been an artist for as long as she can remember, reveling at any chance to transform a plain surface full of possibility into something fascinating. With her mixed media image transfers, she uses a technique that takes fresh, classic images and converts them into antiqued, mixed media masterpieces. She also incorporates photographs of her travels into her art to document favorite memories and feelings.

So let’s take a look, shall we?

Color, vibrancy, texture—Chinese Lanterns has it all! Kris couldn’t resist this photo opportunity upon visiting Chinatown in San Francisco, and I’m so glad she didn’t.


To create this beauty she used paint, stamping, and various papers and forms of texture. The lanterns strung festively across the scene really open up the composition and allow my eye to travel left and right along with them. Musical notes echo their placement, like a melody hanging sweetly in the air.

Everywhere you look there’s melody and counter-melody. Even the red shingles on this old Chinatown building mimic the maroon lanterns (or perhaps vice versa) providing a beautiful, muted contrast with the brilliance of the sky.

Of course, photo opportunities present themselves everywhere—even in Kris’ hometown of Newcastle. Here, she transferred the image of a fire truck and added paint, ink, and various papers and textures to create California Fire Fighters.


Earthy olive, grey and brown tones embrace the darker, more somber side of the firefighters’ jobs, while teal and navy seem to signify heavenly, abundant water. Firefighting is a job that’s been around forever, so I enjoy the classic depiction of the truck driving down the street, providing comfort to those nearby, who now know help is just around the corner.

Finally, in San Francisco Fishing Boats, we travel back to San Fran to Fisherman’s Wharf. The piece is inspired by all things nautical—the sea and its saltiness lingering in the air and numerous other elements of fishing and boating, right down to the netting nestled along the right side of the piece.


The colors are soft and light, except for the sepia tone of the boats and dock. To me, their bronzy, metallic hues give the impression of their weightiness and solid craftsmanship. White flecks here and there remind me of being at the water’s edge, when a wave comes in and forcefully splashes against the side of the boat, spraying everything nearby with cool, refreshing sea mist.

These pieces are just a tiny portion of Kris’s art, so by all means, head on over to her portfolio to view her more abstract pieces. Who knows, you may just find that perfect piece to round out your living room or bedroom!

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