This Week: 3/2 through 3/8

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Monday in Painting Tutorials – Come by tomorrow and join collage artist Kellie Day as she demonstrates how to put together a fun, bicycle-themed mixed-media painting. If you’ve never worked with collage before (or even if you have) this is a great tutorial to get you started!

Tuesday in Selling Art Online – I’ll be reviewing a (fairly) new eBook this Tuesday, from the same people who brought us Art & Money a few years back. I won’t go into much detail right now, but basically, if you’ve got a great product idea—for an art print, a series of paintings, a line of unique hand-made jewelry, etc—and you want to know how to produce, market, and sell it online, this eBook will show you how.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Make sure to drop by and check out several amazing pieces by freelance illustrator Natalie Soleil. And, while you’re here, you might as well submit your own artwork to be featured—we’re always looking for new, creative artists to showcase on EE!

Thursday in Painting Tutorials – Finish out the week with a new tutorial from Niki Hilsabeck, demonstrating some of her techniques for painting with soft pastels on black paper.

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