Angela Fehr: Water-drenched Floral Still Life Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor painter Angela Fehr lives in northern British Columbia, Canada. There, she has perfected her craft over the past 18 years, embracing the fluidity and transparency of her specialized medium to create lively and expressive floral and landscape paintings that celebrate small moments of beauty.

Although the entire country of Canada contains endless miles of gorgeous scenery and pallets of breathtaking color, Angela insists her northern Peace River region is a favorite go-to for painting.

Originally, I thought these may be blueberries in Blue Beckoning below, but as I recall a few passages in Angela’s blog, I believe they are huckleberries based on the pointed rather than round shape of the leaves.


I love that the colors run and bleed down the page, as if the juice within the plump berries can no longer be contained and must burst forth in a beautiful flow of purple, red and blue. The colors grow very faint as they continue trailing down, absorbing into the paper as delicate as the lush berries, themselves. Angela’s technique is just as refreshing as the earthy colors and serene “flavor,” or mood, overflowing from her painting.

In Market Garden, below, Angela’s flowers are so delicate they’re more like pastel whispers of themselves. Hints of crimson, rose and sangria form chipper hexagonal flowers. Singular petals curve romantically and femininely against a sash of blue berries dotting a sort of pathway into the thick bouquet of flowers and spiny greenery.


A powdery soft purple shadow captivates the wall of white to the left of the blooms, creating dimension and depth. This painting brings back memories of farmers markets in the humid mornings of summer, when picked flowers accrue in white buckets by the hundreds, each more beautiful than the last.

I saved my personal favorite, Withered, for last. Note the intricate layers Angela obtains within the radishes—the closer to the root, the more luminous the red.


Angela also uses faint gray, midnight blue and off-white colors to develop taupe shadows and bright reflections that round each radish out and give them their oblong shape.

Various hints of green in the stems and leaves add a nice contrast, but where the painting really gains its beauty is from the array of colors in the background—all earthy enough to fit into the scene, yet soft and floral enough to add a lot of dynamic. It’s almost as if light is shining through a prism and illuminating these awesome colors onto the produce. This makes the ordinarily dull root appear very elegant and lovely, even as its freshness fades.

Angela has a charming blog in which she showcases her journey with creativity, past work, personal memories and realizations, and steps taken in artwork presently being worked on. Be sure to visit her site today!


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