Lisa Agaran: Spontaneous Mixed Media Collage Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Mixed-media Art

Lisa Agaran began her artistic career as a corporate graphic designer for companies such as Disney, Nestle and Toyota. However, she always felt that a deeper, more meaningful career awaited her.

After revisiting school and obtaining her Masters in Psychology, Lisa gained a deeper understanding of herself, through her creative process. She began writing, oil painting and taking photos, and most recently, she’s started exploring mixed media, using acrylic, collage, and found objects.

She allows each piece to invent itself, intuitively using what she has learned throughout the years to construct various organic, unrefined forms, themes and textures that unfold aesthetically as she goes.

“This process allows me to channel and transform the subconscious into art,” she says. “The mystery of images not clearly defined invites the viewer to create his or her own individual experience by projecting their own memories, dreams and interpretations.”

Such is the case with Lotus and Face, below. Clouds dissipate and the sun casts its rays directly onto a brilliant bloom. Pearlescent lavenders, blushes and creams work stunningly with the earthy crimson, deep green and coffee colors springing forth prosperously from the ground.


Altogether, this painting is very feminine, with a sort of spice and exotic flair. It has a subduing, calming effect on me; I can almost feel my stress disperse with the parting clouds.

Seeking Shelter is a bit different, with characteristics so pure and crisp, it’s like the very rain it’s portraying.


Streams of white empty down in buckets, like the clouds themselves are pouring down on the earth. They obstruct the view of background objects as only a true downpour filled with mist and thick droplets could.

The torrent splashes around the girl’s legs, but she isn’t worried. Her bright yellow umbrella makes a carefree statement, and protects her from the storm. The varying transparencies of yellow and gray hues throughout the piece are incredibly beautifully together, and I love the elements of harmony and peace they provide.

And lastly, much like the archway in Artifacts, below, this painting is a gateway between past and present, full of dust and disintegration, yet still very tangible.


A vintage candelabra for sale at an antique store, ancient rubble and architecture of a falling empire, a bridge made from the hands of centuries-old masons. . . a green hue that represents limestone immersed in culture, and carying stories old as time.

To me, this mixed media piece shows a journey. Rock, fine metals and other natural resources have been removed from the earth since day one, and have shaped mankind’s journey to where we stand today.

How cool is that to think about?

Lisa’s work transcends the world we know and shows us a world where anything is possible. Experience it for yourself, by visiting her website now.


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