Jinx Morgan: Sun-soaked Carribbean Watercolor Landscapes

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Watercolor Paintings

Warm, sandy beaches. The vibrant blue of the ocean. A hammock rocking in a salty breeze. These are just some of the subjects that watercolor artist Jinx Morgan lives—and paints—for.

A Californian at heart, Jinx now resides in the Caribbean on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Her paintings are as carefree and relaxed as the lifestyle there, often showcasing the strong sunlight of the tropics, as well as their bright floral colors and shady palm trees.

Take this first painting, for example. It depicts a peaceful sunset over calm waters, with two chairs offering the perfect vantage point to see every single moment of it.

The View

Shady and tranquil, this spot is perfect for anything from enjoying a cool drink with a friend in the heat of the afternoon, to a midnight swim under a steady moon. The soft colors of both the nature in the background and this man-made haven, or should I say heaven, coexist harmoniously with one another.

As I wistfully viewed The View, I couldn’t help but make plans for my next tropical vacation, perhaps to where this next painting was made. I imagine that this particular Sopers Hole Afternoon is like any other. . . full of personality, life and adventure!

Sopers Hole Afternoon

Swaying palm trees and billowing clouds won’t stop an afternoon of boardwalk shopping and ice cream eating among the clean white fencing and wooden walkways. And, if it’s still too hot for those plans, the cool bliss of cerulean water is only a moment away. In paradise, the possibilities are endless!

In this final work, a corner window opens to reveal beauty that is just within reach. A flower box, laden with delicate pink flowers fades. As we begin to take in the glorious setting beyond a cobblestone wall cannot hold out lush vines as they overtake and climb over the wall with ease. Beyond the wall lies open land teeming with soft praires and open waters.

IMG 0147

Take a mini-vacation of your own, today, and browse through the rest of Jinx’s paintings on her website. They may be just the breath of fresh air you need!


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