Uplifting Mixed Media Collages by Cassandra of Blue Lily Design

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Mixed-media Art

Mixed media artist Cassandra loves creative projects with many different layers and elements, and doesn’t worry about trying to achieve perfection. With a focus on faith and family, Cassandra’s art is a reflection of her life and the obstacles she has overcome. It is visual proof that healing of the soul is truly possible.

“I want my art to bring encouragement and a smile and let everyone know how special and loved they are,” Cassandra says. What a beautiful thought!

In this first collage below, you’ll see that although the colors are light-hearted and cheery, the message depicted is whole-hearted and meaningful.


The spiritual quotation keeps us grounded, rooted in faith of an upcoming better day and looking for deeper significance in an otherwise whimsical, bright whirlwind of patterns and contours.

Meanwhile, the complementary visual aspects give flight to imagination and possibility, daydreams and a spiritual journey that is all our own. Lace and a single pearl add yet another girlish touch to the dainty, floral forms taking shape.

Below, pearlescent buttons, an antique key, and aging, heart-shaped pages are just some of the many pieces that make up this next, very feminine, collage.


Scalloped edges are visible throughout the piece, all the way to the bottom where evenly stripped books pages come together to form skirt-like ruffles. The central image, a postcard from Paris, suggest the city holds the key to one’s heart, but the overriding message is to hope and wonder for a glorious future, and know that our most wanted desires and dreams can be put wholly into the hands of God.

Lastly, I just had to feature this piece, Snowman #3, in light of the winter season. I like to think this snowman, in particular, has a bit more flair than most—apparent in the saucy jut of its “hips,” its brilliant red scarf, and its twiggy “jazz hands.”


Its playfulness is a reminder of the simpler times as a child, when making snowman and snow angels among forts and snowball fights were the only things on my “To Do” list. Round, snowflake-like shapes in the background and a calming sea-foam green hue give a nod to the winter wonderland awaiting us just around the corner.

My bet is if you spend just 10 minutes perusing Cassandra’s uplifting mixed media pieces, your day will pick right up! Head over to her website to view more of her gorgeous collages now!


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