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New Jersey watercolorist Dorrie Rifkin paints her passions. Whether it be music, the Red Sox or that little café tucked into a quiet corner of hectic New York, Dorrie’s life experiences and travels enter into all of her work.

Dorrie’s watercolor paintings have won recognition and awards in a variety of international and national art shows. She’s also had her artwork featured on the set of NBC’s Prime Suspect television series!

Bridge (seen below) is one of Dorrie’s more abstract watercolor pieces. What begins with detailed architectural support wires and intricate bridgework ends in large, abstract splotches and a barely comprehensible city skyline.


With colors bleeding and dripping into one another below the crumbling structure, it almost gives a whole new meaning to the term “water under a bridge.”

As a fellow Red Sox fan, this next painting entitled Fenway Park was an instant masterpiece in my book!

fenway park

The stadium looks full of hope and lofty dreams, and “dreamy” this painting is—just as the atmosphere hazily drifts down upon the scene, so do we find ourselves able to recall past years’ glory, remembering and enjoying the park’s history as the flags count us back in time.

Lastly, across from Grand Central Station, the Pershing Square Diner colorfully sits, enticing hungry city dwellers to come in from the drizzling rain.

Pershing Square

Fiery neon lights promise hot coffee and warm rolls as fog nips at feet, reflections blur on wet pavement and bikes are left abandoned on the street. The city fades away as the diner’s welcoming invitation becomes too great to ignore—at least until the weather clears up.

More of Dorrie’s fabulous watercolors are featured on her website, along with her musical creations (which I haven’t even mentioned until now!) Head on over for a look!

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