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Soulful, moody and passionate—Nora’s artwork encompasses every intense feeling, thought and emotion in existence, and serves as an expression of the delicate, yet bold paradox that is femininity.

The Berlin-based artist combines mixed media with digital enhancements on paper and says, “My current main intention is to transform dreams, magic and philosophy of life to a unique piece of art. It is about dreams and thoughts.”

Nora’s first piece drifts between focused and distorted, depicting a woman who simply oozes sophistication. So prominent is her proper pose, and the sharp lay of the black dress upon her shoulders, that she seems to attain a cold, unapproachable elegance.

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Although frozen in place, perhaps this woman yearns and hope for more—wanting to reach out and connect, without knowing how to do so.

A different perspective, however, is found in the timeless femininity of Phenomenal Woman, below.

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The style and grace of woman’s delicate nature are personified in her smooth updo, the curves of her body, and the gauzy, translucent fabric falling loosely to her feet. This piece shows the beautiful lines of a woman’s body in a simple, quiet, and clean manner. Even the texture of the background softly begs to be touched—hazily mysterious and almost cloudlike in appearance

As details blur and disappear into one another, a few gorgoues features like the subtle arc of her back stand out the most. However, the piece still conceals more than it reveals, making for an alluring and subtle painting.

Last of all, Ignorant Before the Heavens of My Life is a far cry from the Phenomenal Woman piece we explored above.

This work speaks more to the bold, courageous and sensual side of a woman as depicted by black, knee-high boots and a red slip of a dress. An arm fades into the background in a way that makes her appear to be propping herself up against a wall for the world to see and admire. Her tilted gaze and strong stance indicate a proud acceptance of her body and herself.

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Nora has countless more intriguing silhouettes on her website, as well as some gorgeous photography. Be sure also to visit her Facebook page, where you will find more artwork and even some corresponding poetry that expresses her frame of mind when creating each of her works.

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