This Week: 6/26 through 7/2

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Monday in Video Tutorials – I never tire of watching other artists work with paint, because there’s always something more to learn. Drop by tomorrow to get “up close and personal” with Ann Pember’s watercolor painting technique.

Tuesday in Artist Interviews – Talented wildlife painter Rebecca Latham will discuss nearly every part of her own painting process. . . from motivation, to the materials she uses, to her thoughts on composition. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – We have yet to choose this week’s featured artist, so by all means, if you’d like to be considered (for this week or any time in the future) please submit your own artwork here.

As for Thursday and Friday, I’ll be doing a lot of traveling leading up to the 4th of July weekend so there won’t be any new articles posted on those days.

Here are all of last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

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