This Week: 3/27 through 4/2

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Monday in Video Tutorials – Building on last week’s video, tomorrow Dale Laitinen will demonstrate how he uses various brush sizes as well as warm and cool color contrasts to develop depth in his landscape paintings.

Tuesday in SEO for Artists – Over at we work one-on-one with our artists to find out which pages on their website aren’t ranking well in Google, and then we give suggestions on how to improve those pages. This Tuesday I’ll share how we do that. . . so even though I can’t look at your website specifically, hopefully you can use our process to improve your rankings on your own.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in to see some amazingly vibrant landscapes by oil painter, Judy Hawkins. As always, feel free to submit your own artwork to be featured on EmptyEasel as well.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Robert Houstan Sneed and Alyice Edrich will be discussing the ins-and-outs of doing commissioned work, including pricing, working from photographs, and more.

And finally, Friday is April 1st, and while I don’t believe in April Fool’s jokes, the rest of the internet does. So here’s a friendly word of warning: don’t believe everything you read online this Friday! As for me, I’ll be taking the day off. :)

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