How to Use GIMP to Remove Camera Lens Distortion From Your Images

By Clemens Greis in Art Tutorials > GIMP Help

We all need high-quality images of our artwork for any number of reasons. And while you could pay a photographer, many artists choose to do this themselves.

The problem is, taking good pictures of your work can be quite challenging. Even if you’ve gotten a handle on basic photography techniques, some pitfalls remain that you can’t avoid—like lens distortion. A common example is “Barrel Distortion” which is shown in the video below.

This type of lens distortion will cause rounded edges on your canvas, as well as curved lines through-out the image. This may not seem like a big deal at first, because you can simply “crop off” the artwork image to arrive at the desired shape.

As I show in the video, however, just cropping alone will require eliminating more of your image than you may want to, and it still leaves the curved distortion running through the image.

A better solution for lens distortion is using photo-editing software such as Photoshop (which is expensive) or GIMP (which is free). Watch this video to see how you can solve lens distortion in just a few minutes using GIMP:


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