This Week: 3/21 through 3/27

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Monday in Video Tutorials – Tomorrow, Mark Mehaffey will be covering 5 elements of design that any artist can be use to increase visual interest in their work. This video is a bit longer than some of the others we’ve posted, but very informative.

Tuesday in Selling Art Online – More information has started to surface about BoundlessGallery’s closure and what it’s doing to help its artists get back on their feet. Drop by on Tuesday for an update.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Karen Ramsay is an ink and watercolor artist whose scribbly-yet-detailed creations are a heck of a lot of fun to look at. Lisa Orgler will have the full story on Wednesday.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Mixed-media artist Chrysti Hydeck and our own Alyice Edrich will be discussing how artists can gain fans, friends, and followers online—and how to balance all that with still being an artist.

Friday in Motivation – If you’re intimidated by the idea of painting a portrait, don’t be! On Friday, Doris Glovier will explain how she got started in portraiture and share some advice for new portrait artists based on her own experience.

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