This Week: 2/28 through 3/6

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Monday in Selling Art Online – Big news, folks. . . In a truly sad turn of events,, a well-known online art gallery, will be closing its doors this week. Tomorrow I’ll explain the details of the situation as I know it; plus, if you’re a BoundlessGallery artist, please come by—we may have a way to help.

Tuesday in Video Tutorials – I’ll be posting an excellent video segment from Craig Nelson, where he demonstrates his own step-by-step methods for realistically depicting eyes in oil paint. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Photographer Samantha Liddell takes gorgeous photos emphasizing natural combinations of light and subject matter. Get the full scoop from Lisa Orgler this Wednesday.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Unlike scrapbooking, the practice of art journaling is mainly about “in-the-moment” artistic reflection. Lucrecer Braxton and Alyice Edrich discuss that, and more, in this week’s artist interview.

Friday in Painting Tutorials – Ever feel like your watercolor paintings aren’t as colorful as oil paintings or acrylics? If so, drop in at the end of the week to catch Doris Glovier’s simple, effective tip for creating more intense watercolors.

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