This Week: 8/30 through 9/5

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Monday in Painting Tutorials – Tomorrow Doris Glovier shares how a specific color palette can put the “wow!” factor back into your paintings. If you want more oomph in your landscapes, this is the information you need.

Tuesday in Color Theory – Robert Sloan discusses the intricacies of light and color in various locations, and during different times of the year. It’s a truly fascinating article and I highly recommend it.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Darlene Foster’s dreamlike, digital creations are based on photographs, then digitally altered to push them into a world of their own. Lisa Orgler has the full story on Wednesday.

Thursday in Selling Art Online – This week I’ll be reviewing one of the coolest new online art galleries I’ve come across in a long while. I don’t want to spill the beans just yet, but I will say this: their method of matching buyers to artwork is one-of-a-kind. Come back on Thursday to get all the details.

Friday in Painting Tutorials – Do you use color charts? If not, why not? At the end of the week, Stede Barber explains exactly why color charts are so helpful, PLUS how to go about making one. Don’t miss it!

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