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Holiday Post #16, from Jennie Rosenbaum

This post is part of EmptyEasel’s “spread the holiday cheer” experiment, where we’ve simply invited everyone to share their three favorite artists or art websites.

Here’s what Jennie Rosenbaum had to say:

“Here are the blogs that I have to read every day.

1. Hazel Dooney’s blog at HazelDooney.blogspot.com

Hazel is one of the most successful young artists working in Australia at the moment. She runs her career on her own terms, and her blog is an enlightening look at a different kind of success.

2. Art Re-Source at SteveGray.com.au/blog/

Art Re-Source is a fairly newish blog, but a thought provoking read with interviews and ideas for sparking your creativity.

3. Elliot Cowan’s blog at SandwichBag.blogspot.com

One of the first blogs I ever started following and still one of my favorites! I love Elliot Cowan’s fun cartoons and his witty comments, it’s always a treat.

Thanks for the opportunity to send these in and Merry Christmas!”


Who is Jennie Rosenbaum? Visit her art website to find out.

*Note: this post may contain affiliate links*

This post is part of EmptyEasel's "spread the holiday cheer" experiment, where we've simply invited everyone to share their three favorite artists or art websites. Shannon Christensen sent in not just three, but four favorites: 1. Aaron Lifferth at . . . read more

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