This Week: 12/14 through 12/20

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NOTE: the deadline for this is now past. Thanks to all who contributed!

How would you like to spread a little Christmas cheer?

We all like to be appreciated, don’t we? I know I do—and since this IS the season of giving, I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of the best way to share some appreciation with others.

Eventually I just decided to ask for help from all of you. :)

So here’s my request:

If there’s an artist whose work you really enjoy, or an art blog that you always visit, or some other art/design/craft website you couldn’t live without. . . please take a brief moment to write in to EE and tell us why.

Better yet, don’t just stop at one—that may be too tough to decide. Go ahead and pick your top three.

Your email doesn’t have to be anything fancy or long-winded. Just include a link to your three favorites and explain in a few sentences or paragraphs what makes each of them so great to you.

Then, every day this week, I’ll pick at least one person’s entry and post it on—probably more than one per day because I’ll try to get to everyone. If there are enough submissions I may even extend this up through Christmas.

This isn’t a contest so there won’t be any prizes or voting for a winner or anything like that, although if you have your own website I WILL credit your entry with a link back to you just for participating. . . instead I’d like to think of this more like internet’s version of Christmas caroling. Letting people know they’re appreciated. :)

So whenever you find a spare moment during the week, feel free to drop in and check out everyone’s favorite artists and websites. And if you’ve got time now, click here to send me your favorites (or email and let’s get started!

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