Holiday Post #13, from Nanci Stone

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This post is part of EmptyEasel’s “spread the holiday cheer” experiment, where we’ve simply invited everyone to share their three favorite artists or art websites.

Here’s what Nanci Stone had to say:

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“My favorite artists blogs:

1. Judy Wise at
Judy is kooky, free-spirited and so generous with her heart and time to other artists. . . an inspiration.

2. A Painting Today at
Karin is a very talented artist who paints people in everyday situations, such as looking at famous artworks in museums. Just amazing ability!

3. A Creative Journey at
Karen Winters is on a creative journey all right. . . she has the most amazing ability to show lights and capture the beautiful light of mother nature. Her work is an inspiration to all artists.”

-Nanci Stone


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