Holiday Post #7, from Ann Buckner

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This post is part of EmptyEasel’s “spread the holiday cheer” experiment, where we’ve simply invited everyone to share their three favorite artists or art websites.

Here’s what Ann Buckner had to say:

“Favorite artists:

1. Sandy Maudlin at

Sandy is a watercolorist, and one of the best when it comes to design and textures. Her blog is always informative and her work a pleasure to view.

2. Compose at

This blog is written by Dianne Mize. I love how she articulates her thoughts about composition and painting so well, and is easily understood.

3. Dianne Mize at

Here you’ll actually see how Dianne puts her paintings together, using what she has written about in both her blogs. It’s a lesson in itself, and a joy seeing her work.

I’m a huge fan of these artists and would like more people to be aware of them.”


Who is Ann Buckner? Visit her art website to find out.


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