Holiday Post #6, from Christine Stoner

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This post is part of EmptyEasel’s “spread the holiday cheer” experiment, where we’ve simply invited everyone to share their three favorite artists or art websites.

Here’s what Christine Stoner had to say:

“Hi everyone! Thank you for the Christmas cheer and I return it to you all manyfold! Here are my three favourite art websites:

1. Lost At E Minor at

I love the way this website is set up—it contains items from all areas of the creative arts, and it is informative and so funky. The site was started by two brothers (one lives in Australia and one lives in New York) and creates an amazing connection between artists, musicians and writers in both countries.

2. Starr at

Starr is my favourite artist. I love the clean way she paints yet remains abstract and modern. She gives an impression without saying too much. Australians paint in bright colours because of the light here and she does it so well.

3. Streetedgedesign’s Blog at

My favourite blog is my own, just because there is nothing like it that I know of. It is about the psychology of a creative person, and about mentoring and encouraging them to get their work out there! See what you think . . .

Ciao and happy holidays!”


Who is Christine Stoner? Visit her online portfolio or art blog to find out.


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