Layers, Patterns, and Color: Abstract Collage Artwork by Lisa Carney

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This week’s featured artist is Lisa Carney, a creator of mixed-media abstract art who focuses on collage, assemblage, and photomontage.

As you’ll see from the following pieces, Lisa’s artwork has a lovely hand-pasted, textural style—each one has multiple patterns mixed with several layers of paper (to give visual depth as well as texture) and even the occasional typographical element.

In Fleurs Rondes 19, shown below, Lisa added a few transparent layers into the mix too, while creating a frame-within-a-frame composition that pulls the viewer’s eyes directly into the center of the piece.

Fleurs Rondes 19 by Lisa Carney

Notice how her choice of color palette is based predominantly around warm reds, creams, and oranges, yet at the center, the focal point, she uses two areas of cold blue to create additional visual impact.

She also layered her patterns to transition from least-impact (around the outside) to highest-impact (closer to the center).

Amazingly, Lisa’s ACEO cards are nearly as detailed as her larger works even though they’re only 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall.

ACEO Cards by Lisa Carney

From personal experience I know that creating a successful mixed-media collage is really much harder than just slapping several elements together on a surface—and Lisa’s art shows just how much effort and planning can go into each piece.

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This final collage, entitled Chagrin, is perhaps a bit more subtle. . . but it still manages to convey a poignant emotion in just a few colors, patterns, and lines.

Chagrin by Lisa Carney

For more of Lisa Carney’s work, please visit her website at or check out her daily art blog.


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