This Week: 8/3 through 8/9

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Monday in General Art Advice – Tomorrow’s reader-submitted article, written by Zach Risso, gives 7 1/2 tips for safely mailing your artwork. If you have long-distance buyers (or you hope to someday) this would be a good article to check out.

Tuesday in Art Opinion – Have you painted or drawn your self-portrait lately? A few days ago I jotted down a list of several reasons why I think it’s a great idea for artists to do a self-portrait at least once or twice in their lifetime—on Tuesday I’ll post what I’ve come up with.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Even if you don’t have a thing for railways and locomotives, I’m sure you love this week’s featured paintings by Richard Picton. Drop in this Wednesday to see some great artwork and get the full story.

Thursday in General Art Advice – Ever find yourself in a situation with a commission client or a buyer where you’re simply at loss for words? Maybe you were asked for a complete revision of a painting, or a client flat out demanded a lower price. If so, don’t miss Thursday’s article. . . we’re going to give you a few well-scripted responses for some of those sticky situations that might normally catch you unprepared.

Friday in Photoshop Tricks – There’s another GIMP tutorial coming out on Friday for everyone who doesn’t want to shell out the big bucks for Photoshop—and this week it’s all about color-correcting your images.

GIMP, by the way, is a completely free alternative for image editing. You can learn how to download it here for a PC or here for a Mac.

Plus, if you missed them, here are last week’s articles again:

The Pro Mindset for Artists: How to Be A Truly Professional Artist

How to Draw Correct Proportions. . . Every Time

Softly Lit, Impressionist Oil Paintings by Dianne Mize

7 Reasons to Market Your Artwork Closer to Home

How to Use GIMP to Resize and Crop Images for the Web

And finally, two quick requests for all our readers. . .

It’s been about a month since I hired 3 new writers for EmptyEasel, so if you have any feedback, comments or suggestions regarding this change, please DO send me a message via my contact page; I’d love to hear what you think.

In addition, we try to publish new reader-submitted articles nearly every week, so feel free to send those in if you have something you’d like to contribute as well. Thanks!


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