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Monday in SEO for Artists – Search engine optimization (SEO) really comes down to just one thing—getting your art blog or website to to appear on the first page of Google for as many relevant search terms as possible. I’ve already talked about several ways to do that on your own site (deep linking, describing your artwork, etc.) but tomorrow I’ll show you a free online tool that might make it all a bit easier.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Last week I used the word “contrapposto” in one of my articles and decided—just in case that term is new to anyone—to write an article explaining what it is, exactly. I’ve done the same thing for other Italian art terms in the past (impasto, chiaroscuro, etc.) so if you’re interested, come back Tuesday for that.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week’s featured painter has picked a fantastic niche subject and is obviously working hard at every aspect of her art. Wednesday I’ll introduce you to her work, but in the meantime if you’re an artist I’d encourage you to consider submitting your own art as well.

Thursday in ??? – Want to see your name in lights? Or at least on EmptyEasel? Now you can—all you have to do is send in a short article. It can be an opinion article, an art tutorial, or even a recent post you made on your own art blog. I’ll pick one submitted article to publish this Thursday and possibly others over the next few weeks (so everyone gets a chance).

Remember, when your article is chosen I’ll credit you as the author and include two links back to your website, art blog, or wherever you sell your art online—you choose. If you want a boost in traffic this holiday season, this is one way to do it!

Friday in Art Opinion – I’ll be posting a new poll this Friday, but of course all of you get the chance to vote first. Here’s the question this week:

What do you think has helped you develop the most, artistically?

Options include: time spent practicing, an art education, one-on-one artist mentoring, workshops and several more. Vote now.

And for those of you interested in the ever-shifting online art market, take a look at the monthly traffic stats of these ten art-selling websites. Yes, Imagekind is still at the top of the heap, but for the first time in November, a new website has knocked Yessy out of second place. Follow the link to see who.

Plus, here are last week’s articles one more time:

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Edward Hopper: Not Just Another 20th Century American Painter

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A Review of the GetPaidToDraw Program by David Arandle

How Long have You Been an Artist? Poll Results


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