Beautiful, Whimsical Still Life Paintings by Cindy Revell

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Good art often has many facets to it, doesn’t it? Beauty, meaning. . . even humor can play a part. This week’s featured painter, Cindy Revell, proves that art and humor go hand in hand by combining the perfect touch of whimsy with her skills in oil painting.

For instance, the painting below would be quite a traditional still life—except for the rather unusual juxtaposition of fruit and crockery. Oh, and the title: Tipsy.

Tipsy by Cindy Revell

And if it were possible, I’d say that this particular stack of items has a decidedly contrapposto stance—it’s perfectly balanced according to classical rules of posture.

But of course it’s no less of a painting for being cleverly constructed. Each pattern and color is beautifully rendered using painterly strokes and a soft, glowing light.

The joke in this next painting didn’t even register while I was scrolling through Cindy’s thumbnail images. It was only because of the deep red background contrasting with those golden lemons that I clicked to see it larger.

Imposter by Cindy Revell

Imposter definitely lives up to its name, doesn’t it?

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Some objects, however, are unique enough to be worth painting just by themselves, no assembly required. I think this (leopard print?) shoe painting entitled Not Made for Walking fits the bill exactly.

Not Made for Walking by Cindy Reuell

Now, not all of Cindy Revell’s paintings are humorous or offbeat; many are simply beautiful works of art in quite a traditional sense. But it was these three especially that kept me going back for more.

To see all of Cindy’s work, including many fabulous illustrations, please visit her website at


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