Erik Tiemens: Vibrant Watercolor and Gouache Paintings

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Today’s featured artist is Erik Tiemens, a watercolor and gouache painter, as well as a film concept artist who has worked on such movies as Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, and even the more recent Star Wars trilogy.

Although Tiemens uses digital tools when creating concept art for films, his art blog showcases mostly watercolor and gouache paintings from life.

Marina Crane by E

Tiemens’ style is often characterized by almost whimsical brush strokes layered on top of each other. His use of gouache in addition to watercolor lends an extra texture and brightness which watercolors alone will often lack.

Scenes of California appear most frequently on Tiemens’ blog, like the painting below entitled, Above Sea Cliff Beach.

Above Sea Cliff Beach by E

It’s a simple, very illustrative-feeling sketch that shows a tee-off spot on a golf course that overlooks the ocean.

The radiance of Tiemens’ skies (like in the first two painting) and the sunlit walls of the building below, make a lovely contrast to the dark trees and lush foliage of California.

Sonoma Square by E

But perhaps I’m just biased; I’m a big fan of the West Coast in general so I love finding artists that can capture its beauty.

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To view more of Erik Tiemens’ work, make sure to visit his website. There are a lot of great paintings in the archives, including some of his digital work as well.


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