This Week: 4/8 through 4/14

By admin in Weekly Preview

Monday – At some point you’ve probably been told, “Good art follows the rules, but great art breaks the rules.” Tomorrow you can read my opinion on how to break artistic rules properly, as well as where I think artists should, um, draw the line. : )

Tuesday – On Tuesday I’ll be writing about Fauvism, a movement that began with a group of young Parisian artists in the early 1900s. Nicknamed Les Fauves (wild beasts), these young painters used vibrant colors in a very “savage” manner.

Wednesday – Wednesday’s article will bring inspiration from the past by taking look at historical US posters made during the Great Depression. These posters were just one way the government provided jobs for American artists under the New Deal, and are fascinating both historically and artistically.

Thursday – As I mentioned last week, I’ve been getting a lot of submitted artwork in my inbox that I can’t wait to show you. This Thursday I’ll be critiquing a some fantastic acrylic and collage pieces by Jude Bennitto—and I’d be happy to do the same for you. Check out the submission guidelines for more information.

Friday – It’s back to the easel on Friday—I’m going to explain how to keep your palette super clean with no extra fuss, as well as tips for logically arranging your paint colors while you work. All good stuff, and you won’t want to miss it.

Saturday – As may have noticed, I’m branching out into new subjects with my weekly cartoon. Check out this weekend’s Sanjaya and Don Imus Cartoon.


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