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Monday – I just came up with a new idea over the weekend, and on Monday I’ll let you know what it is. To be honest, it’s a little off the wall, and I suppose I‘m only 50% serious about it—but it’s growing on me. It’s all about Google and Art; and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Tuesday – Last week I received a question from another artist about Imagekind, and after responding I took a look at her daily painting blog. I really liked what I saw, so she’ll be this week’s featured artist. Remember, if you’d like to have your work featured on EmptyEasel.com, just let me know.

Wednesday – Sistino is now up and running, so I’ve decided to review it here on EmptyEasel. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this article on Art.com, Sistino, and Artist Rising, and then come back on Wednesday for my review of Sistino.

Thursday – What does the term “arts and crafts” mean to you? If you’re an artist, you probably have a certain idea of what arts and crafts entails, and I’m no different. On Thursday I’ll weigh in with my opinion.

Friday – Planning a whole series of paintings can be tough, so on Friday I’ll be talking about the process I use to get myself organized and productive in those early stages.

Saturday – You guessed it—another Saturday Cartoon. Got an idea for one you’d like to see in particular? I’d love to hear it.

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Monday - Tomorrow's article will highlight one of the best art websites online—Making a Mark by Katherine Tyrrell. I’ve always found it to be informative, in-depth, and very encouraging. Although it focuses quite a bit on pastels and drawing, there’s a lot there for every artist.. . . read more

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