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Rebecca Finch is a talented New Jersey painter and photographer whose oil paintings almost seem to be a visual extension of her own inner goodness.

In a world where art is so often dark, shocking, and even obscene, Rebecca’s paintings take on new meaning—they champion the cause of simple beauty, warmth, and kindness.

Allegory for Love by Rebecca Finch

Her painting, “Allegory for Love,” is a well-crafted reminder of the poignancy, in both sweetness and pain, that love can bring.

There’s nothing self-seeking about Rebecca’s work; also a rarity in art. Instead it gives something back—a gentle reminder and a beautiful image. Her art is what it is, and I really respect that.

The Study by Rebecca Finch - detail

It’s also no surprise that she’s been spending part of her time painting to help raise money for a non-profit Christian campgrounds on the Delaware River.

If you’d like to read more about that, or support her efforts by purchasing one of those paintings, click here.

On the same page she also posted quite a number of photos detailing her painting process, which gives an excellent step-by-step look at how those paintings came to life.

While all of Rebecca’s work is great, here’s my favorite.

Mom's Home Cooking by Rebecca Finch

Suitably titled “Mom’s Home Cooking,” the thought came to me that it could just as easily have been called “Allegory for Love,” like the rose pictured earlier in this article.

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There’s definitely a sense of time and place in the painting; and for me it feels almost familiar, like a memory that I’ve always had. In part, that’s accomplished by the extreme clarity of the image. Colors are crisp and vibrant. Shadows are dark.

It perfectly illustrates that using a complete range of values—from pure white to pure black—will make a painting stand out, and look almost as though you could touch the objects within it.

To see more of Rebecca Finch’s work, take a moment to visit her painting blog, Paintings for a Lifetime.

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