This Week: 1/21 through 1/26

By admin in Weekly Preview

Monday – What sets a good painting apart from a poor one? I’d have to say its color. On Monday I’ll talk about why color is so important and give some advice on how to make your paintings really sizzle.

Tuesday – Recently I’ve been contacted about a few new websites that cater to artists looking to sell their work online. Both of them seemed interesting, so I thought I’d give them a look and let you know what they have to offer, one this week, and one next week.

Wednesday – Wednesday we’ll be taking a quick look into Minimalism: how it started, some big names, and why on earth anyone would want to paint a big, huge canvas just one color.

Thursday – On Thursday I’ll be reviewing another fantastic oil painter, Greg Kapka. From here on out I’ll also be accepting submissions of artwork, so if you’d like to have your work appear on, just click here.

Friday – This week’s how-to article is an important one for every oil painter, especially if you’re just starting out. I’ll be sharing how to clean paint brushes properly so that they’ll last as long as possible.

Saturday – Come back for another miscellaneous art cartoon while I take a break from the Bachelor of Arts comic strip.


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