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Today’s featured artist is Greg Kapka, an absolutely fantastic painter from Nottingham, UK. I’ve been keeping track of Kapka’s work for a while now, as he’s been posting daily paintings on his blog. Usually the paintings are of vegetables or fruits; the one below is titled Spring Onions.


I love the sensitivity of his brushstrokes and enjoy all of his paintings – although I think he excels the most in his figure studies and still life paintings of flowers.

At the turn of the year he decided to focus more on larger paintings, rather than his small daily pieces, so if you follow his blog you’ll probably see some changes away from the daily paintings over the next few weeks and months.

Roses-Over-Postcards-detail-by-Greg-KapkaHere’s a detail shot of one of his more recent (and larger) works, Roses over Postcards.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous painting depicting a bouquet of roses strewn over the top of Van Gogh postcards – you can click on the image to be taken to the full painting at his site.

What I like most about his paintings is that fact that they look effortless. For me, painting is the hardest (though most rewarding) job I’ve ever had, but I can often see that struggle in my work.

There’s no struggle in Kapka’s paintings; instead, he captures a Sargent-like quality, which is no surprise since he mentions John Singer Sargent as a favorite in his blog.

Be sure to check out his portfolio as well, where he’s got a nice selection of figure studies. Here’s his latest one, which he painted from life in a 2 hour period.


It might come as a surprise, but Greg is only 21 years old. For his age, he already shows a deep understanding of the medium of oil paint and I know he‘ll be turning out great paintings for many years to come.

You can find his painting blog here if you’re interested, and from there you’ll find links to his portfolio as well.


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