This Week: 12/17 through 12/23

By admin in Weekly Preview

Monday – I’m the type of person that likes to categorize practically everything, and this Monday you’ll see some of that. I’ll be writing about five types of artists that there are in the world. Check back to find out exactly what I mean.

Tuesday – is another new site for artists (and designers), brought to my attention just recently over at Imagekind’s blog. Since my how-to article this week is on color, I thought I’d take the ColourLover website for a spin and let you know what it’s all about.

Wednesday – The featured artist this week will be. . . a surprise! That’s right, I had so much fun last week waiting until the day of the article that I’m doing it again. Wednesday’s the day I’ll post the review, so don’t miss it.

Thursday – I’ve been working on a cartoon lately, to enter into the online contest that Matt Glover’s having at his blog this January. You’ll be able to see the cartoon on Thursday, and I’d love to get some feedback on it.

Friday – This week I’ll be giving some tips and techniques for mixing colors when you paint. If you’ve ever tried for hours to match a certain color, but just ended up with mud; this article’s for you. I’ll also be covering some basics of color theory, and I might even have some recommendations for what to look for when you’re picking out paint at the art store.

Saturday – You know the week is done when you see a new Bachelor of Arts comic strip. Watch as our (still unnamed) hero journeys through more art galleries during an evening in town.


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