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There’s a new online community out there that’s fanatic about color – well, colour, actually. is the place for artists, designers, decorators and more to get together and toss their favorite shades, tints and hues around.

I wish I had known about this site a few weeks ago, because apparently they just held a launch party in Portland, and it looks like it was a big success. I would have loved to check it out and meet some of the founders in person.

Even so, my tour of the website gave me a sense of their mission.

Rampant-ColourLoversThe premise behind is to bring together resources for people who use color in their work or personal life. It allows members to create colors, name them, and even give reference for their inspiration.

Members can then go on to create color palettes for specific applications, to go along with an idea or emotion, or just for fun.

Of course I had to try out the palette-maker, so naturally I whipped up a collection of colors taken from this very site. You can see the color palette here.

There’s also sections of the site devoted to seeing the color trends of recent magazine covers, color related news, informational articles on color, and even some interviews. Plus, there’s a feature which might be of interest to quite a few designers – a listing of job openings for a number of creative positions around the United States.

Like the two websites I reviewed last week, is not quite finished. Currently the forums aren’t opened for discussion, but I assume they’ll be online a few weeks (or months perhaps) down the road.

Adios-ColourLoversOut of the whole website, I think what I enjoy the most is seeing new colors and palettes being created every minute. I’m pretty sure that I had more ideas for color combinations in a half hour than I’ve had all week.

I came away from their magazine-style articles and online community with a great overall impression, and I know I’ll be spending more time with in the future.

Head on over to their website and take a look – then add some color to the world.


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