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There are a lot of eBooks out there which claim to give good advice and/or good instructions for selling art online. Some of them are complete scams, others are overpriced, and most of them don’t give you enough information to really help. . . read more
With new writers coming on board, we'd like to hear your feedback and suggestions.. . . read more
Here are the results of this week's poll so far. If you haven't voted yet, please do - and have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!. . . read more
This week I asked artists to divulge exactly how they created their art - whether they looked at real-life objects and scenes, took reference photographs, or just used their own imagination.. . . read more
With so many different brands of oil paint to choose from, there's bound to be one that's better than the rest. The following survey asks artists to list their favorite brand of oil paint. Check out the results or add your own answer too!. . . read more
Do you paint out of your bedroom, laundry room, or living room? Or are you one of the lucky artists with your own studio—a converted garage maybe? A rented space, even?. . . read more
Do you often think about why you like a specific work of art? Maybe that's a funny question. Because for most of us, we like what we like. . . it's instinctive. Which brings me to this week's poll. . . . . . read more
How did the encouragement you received as a young artist (or lack of encouragement) change your life? Feel free to vote below if you haven't yet, or just click on "view results" to see what other artists have said.. . . read more
Since this week was "Photoshop Week" on EE, I thought it'd be interesting to know how many artists used Photoshop versus other image-editing software. Feel free to vote if you haven't yet!. . . read more
Some artists are totally against making reproductions of their paintings, while other artists just want to sell prints of their work over and over again (and don't care that much about selling the originals.) Where do you stand?. . . read more
Here's another easy poll question for all of you artists out there - how much time per day do you spend on art? Obviously there's no right or wrong answer since everyone has different circumstances, it's just always interesting to see how other artists respond and where you fit into the m. . . read more
This week's poll is short and sweet - I thought it might be interesting to see how other artists expected to be using the internet a decade from now, so I wrote out the following question:. . . read more
Today's poll: How much is the average artist willing to pay for their own portfolio website? When you factor in the cost of setup fees, domain fees, and who knows what else, some artist websites seem horrendously overpriced. Cast your vote below.. . . read more
There's always something, isn't there? Something that keeps you from your easel, away from your paints and pencils? This week's poll is all about those "stumbling blocks" that artists face. . . . . . read more

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