New on EmptyEasel – Sunday, July 7th

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Show of hands. . . who’s frustrated by their art website?

We’ve put together a simple, easy way to display and sell art on your own website. If your current site is a pain in the neck, or you just need a better website for your art, click here to see how easy your website could be!

Simple artist website that's mobile friendly and easy to set up

Recently published on EE

How to Sell Art From Home in 2019
by Yury Becker

Coming up this week. . .

Carrie Lewis has put together a MASSIVE list of 50 great painting videos on YouTube that will help you learn to paint for free. Check back for that around Wednesday!

And don’t forget, our new Drawing Guide is still just $29.95 $6.95 for the summer! If you’re looking to improve your drawing skills and create picture-perfect drawings from life, grab your copy now!

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