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What’s your favorite drawing tip or technique?

After publishing EmptyEasel’s new drawing guide last month, I’ve received a ton of feedback from artists asking for additional tips and methods of drawing—and so I’d love to open up the floor to all of you. What’s the best drawing technique you’ve learned? The one that is indispensable to you, any time you draw?

I’d love to create a follow-up guide with a huge selection of drawing tips contributed by as many different artists as possible. Please email me at to let me know you’d like to share!

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Coming up this week:

Should every artist accept commission work? Probably not. . . Carrie Lewis explains why (along with the pros and cons of taking commissions) in her next article. Plus, later in the week Jessica Serran will share her 6 tips for selling art without feeling like you’re selling out.

Drop by throughout the week to see those articles and more!

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