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Every so often I like to do something a bit different, and share which posts on EmptyEasel are most popular on Pinterest. And this summer in particular, I couldn’t help but notice a few oldies-but-goodies that were getting clicked all the time.

So in case you missed these when they were published originally, or if you just want to get a glimpse of what other artists are saving for later, here are EE’s current top 5 articles, according to Pinterest:

1. How to Make a Paintbrush Cleaner Jar

2. How to Start an Oil Painting the Right Way – With an Underpainting

3. How to Draw what you See: Techniques & Tips to Improve your Drawing Skills

4. How to Add Incredibly Thick Texture to your Acrylic Paintings

5. How To Paint Realistic Watercolor Roses

Last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

Have You Ever Considered How You Think About Yourself?

Mike Fullarton – Highly Abstract Fractal-style Paintings

Lettering from A to Z

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