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This Week: Let’s get some GROWING SHOES to kids in need!

This week we’re doing something completely different here at EmptyEasel—and it’s not even art-related.

A few friends of mine started a non-profit several years ago which makes durable shoes that grow (yep, these shoes ACTUALLY GROW) for kids in poverty. So instead of getting used pairs, or pairs that only fit until their feet outgrow them, kids are getting their own pair of shoes that grow 5 sizes and last for several years.

It’s an awesome non-profit, and I’ve been lucky enough to help with some design and art for them over the last few years.

Now they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign. They’ve created a fun, new sandal that grows for everyone—you, me, your kids or grandkids—which they’re using to raise awareness and donations for their non-profit, and help parents save a ton of money when buying shoes for their growing kids.


They look fantastic, don’t they? As you might imagine, they’re already WAY past their Kickstarter goal of $10,000. I think they hit it in the first 12 hours!!

So a couple days ago they set 6 new goals for their Kickstarter campaign—if we can accomplish 5 out of 6 things on the list, they’ll send an additional 555 pairs of growing shoes to kids in need in Ethiopia. Here’s it is:


I think creativity, in all its forms, should be encouraged and supported. And creative ways to do good are even better.

So I’m going to leave this post up for a week. And if you’d like to learn more about Expandals, and how you can be a part of this awesome adventure, please visit their Kickstarter page or follow GroFive on Facebook.

You can also go directly to the non-profit, TheShoeThatGrows.org and give there. Either way, please join us in getting more long-lasting shoes to kids in need!

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