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Happy Easter, everyone! I hope your holiday weekend with friends and family is relaxing and blessed. If it’s sunny where you’re at, get out in it (I know I will!)

We’ve just wrapped up a big project at Foliotwist, so there won’t be any new articles on EE this week. Instead, I’d love for you to head on over and see what we’ve built!

For the past 3 months our team has been working very hard on a brand new extremely mobile-friendly website design for our Foliotwist artists.

We’ve integrated social media buttons next to every artwork, streamlined navigation for your visitors, added 9 different homepage layouts, and included thousands of font, color, texture, and design combinations.

And. . . we’re super proud of the results!

Click here to try out Foliotwist for 30 days absolutely free, no credit card required. You’ll be able to upload unlimited artwork and customize your website however you want. . . the only thing you can’t do is pay us. :)

And what if you already have a website for your art? No problem—take a look anyway and compare what we offer to your current webhost. Or, send me an email and let’s chat! I’m more than happy to answer ANY questions you have, or help set up your website for you if that would make it easier. Just let me know what you’re looking for!

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