My Favorite Podcasts and Video Channels for Colored Pencil Artists

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Some time ago, I shared 5 blogs that I recommended for every serious artist.That left hundreds, maybe thousands, of other artist blogs to explore—more than enough for another first-of-the-year-article.

But this year, I thought I’d do something different and share my favorite podcasts and video channels instead. Specifically, colored pencil podcasts and videos.

Podcasts for colored pencil artists

Let’s face it, there just aren’t many podcasts by artists for artists. (It’s very difficult to share visual artistic techniques into the medium of podcasting.) But I had the extreme good fortune to stumble across one:

Sharpened Artist is hosted by artists John Middick and Lisa Clough (of Lachri Fine Art). Topics for discussion range from the basics of colored pencil tools and techniques to successfully navigating the world of art shows to blogging and marketing.

Colored pencil art podcast with microphone in front of artwork

They’ve also interviewed several prominent colored pencil artists such as Esther Roi, Gemma Gylling, and Holly Siniscal (just to name a few.) A new podcast is published every Monday, rain, shine or holiday. The archives are also available from the podcast website or iTunes.

And if you’re on Facebook, you might also consider joining The Sharpened Artist Colored Pencil Group for additional tips, tools, and updates.

Colored pencil video channels

Lachri Fine Art – yes, this is the same Lachri mentioned above. Lisa Clough works in number of different mediums and offers tutorials in all of them. Her colored pencil videos are among my favorites and if I’m looking for information on a method that’s totally outside the norm (for me) Lisa’s YouTube channel is usually the first place I go.

Another favorite feature of the Lachri video collection is Lisa’s product reviews. She has tried and reviewed all kinds of products, from blending tools to products designed to restore paper tooth and everything in between. If you’re curious about something new, chances are Lisa has tried it, reviewed it, and demonstrated it on her channel.

She publishes new videos, critiques, and live demonstrations every week, though not all of them feature colored pencils.

The Virtual Instructor is another one of the best art instruction channels currently available on YouTube. Matt Fussell is the artist behind this channel. He works in multiple mediums and his collection of videos includes tutorials in watercolors, graphite, and acrylics, as well as colored pencils.

Matt also offers paid courses and more in-depth instruction if that’s what you’re looking for. But even the free videos offer a wealth of instruction, and new videos are available every week (they’re not always about colored pencil, however).

Artist’s Network TV is primarily a teaching channel that focuses more on instruction than on any one artist. Colored pencil videos are available from such artists as Gary Greene, Lee Hammond, and Mark Menedez.

ANTV’s videos also cover a wide range of mediums and subjects, but you can search by several different categories so you don’t have to wade through everything to find what you’re looking for.

The only downside is that many of ANTV’s videos are only available through a paid subscription, or by purchase. But, they do have a good selection of free videos, and if you’re looking for free instruction, those are worth seeking out.

More resources for artists

Want more? There’s plenty out there! You just may have to do a little digging.

For example, if you enjoy listening to lectures on art history, art styles, or contemporary artists, start by searching for podcasts provided by museums, art schools, and other organizations on iTunes.

You’ll find that not all of them are professionally produced, but if you can overlook that, your choices of podcasts and videos will be nearly unlimited

Good luck and happy learning!


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