Giulia Filippi: Powerful, Inspiring Digital Art

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Giulia Filippi’s resume is FULL.

For starters, she studied illustration and animation at the European Institute of Design in Milan. Then, after moving to Berlin, she worked as a freelance illustrator, photographer and model in art galleries and at fashion agencies.

Giulia’s creativity, attention to detail, and diverse style has brought her commissions from creative types like herself, such as artists, writers and musicians, as well as from associations, start-up companies and theaters.

Her work has won the attention of others (and first place prizes, to boot) in several international competitions, and she has exhibited her pieces in London, Los Angeles, Berlin, Milan, Venice, Vicenza, Trieste and Genoa.

Do you want to hire her yet? :)

Giulia describes this first piece, entitled Love Like Blood, as “a love story that leaves you barefoot in a meadowland of big questions.” Like much of her work, this is a mixed media piece that—while clean and simple in appearance—still alludes to much.


For instance, if you’ve ever been heartbroken or confused about a relationship, you can relate to the endless questions surely going on in this woman’s mind. There’s irony in the ace of hearts card, which call into question her romantic standing, and it appears as though remnants of her heart are strewn in front of her.

The colors are particularly beautiful and vivid, especially the golden sunset which drapes her darkened silhouette in a perfectly desolate shade of grey. The way Giulia illustrated the woman’s body as her sneaker moves into the next color block was expertly done and is one of my favorite parts of this piece.

Next, is a timely piece of artwork: Pray for Paris.


White space is used generously in multiple ways to create a visual that burns into one’s memory. The luminous purple buildings showcase one girl’s dream for a united Paris, as well as everyone’s hope, love and prayers for those affected by the recent tragedy.

Then, a large, starkly black roller with dripping paint draws us out of that magical zone to see the bigger picture of the piece. . . while straggling birds flitting high above the scene among a bright crescent moon draw us back into it. Brilliant.

This last, untitled work, was the winning entry in a contest where Giulia used this piece to represent what hip hop means to her.


To the left, we see the outer edges of a person—a hooded jacket casting his face in shadow as he looks to his hands, lost in the beat of the music. To the right, we see a creative visual of his heart beating in time to the music, which flows through his inner being like blood, giving life to his passion and purpose in life.

It’s truly a thought-provoking piece with charisma and energy to spare.

Giulia’s work runs the gamut, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit her portfolio and view more of her creations.


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