Sukanta Dasgupta: Stunningly Detailed Paper Collage Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Engrossed in finding beauty in chaos and harmony in disorderliness, Sukanta Dasgupta uses hundreds of torn papers from various products to create incredible, expressionistic collages.

“My subjects are inspired from observations of the world around me,” Sukanta said. “I like to bring out the hidden simplicity in everyday, routine and chaotic surroundings. I make something simple and let the viewer assimilate the elements along with his/her personal experiences and memories.”

In Softly, I Leave You, a crystal-clear lake hides among grassy ridges, a thick grove of trees and golden hills. The scene’s complexity is multiplied by the various bits of text and letters found throughout the composition.


I love how Sukanta uses paper with slightly varying colors to create terrain that is rocky and shadows that jet out among the cliffs. The billowing clouds add yet another element of intricacy as they reflect in the glass-like waters. Simply put, it’s a masterful collage.

Alluring Silence, on the other hand, was created by placing numerous paper scrolls of different colors alongside one another.


From the rolls of paper shines a radiant face complete with mysterious green eyes and lush red lips. These two vivid colors accent the blackness of her hair, which drapes much of the background in sultry shadow, while the lines formed by the rolls of paper fall like rain outside a window pane and add amazing depth of intrigue to this piece.

Finally, this last piece may be my favorite, simply because the colors in Tenor Sax complement each other so well! Periwinkle awakens the collage with a refreshing splash of coolness, while the alternating sea foam green and contrasting sepia tones bring a flair of drama and antiquity!


The torn and crumpled papers add three-dimensionality as they sit loosely shuffled, propping the sax up.

How Sukanta got those shreds of paper to fold and mesh together to create all the individual pieces of the saxaphone—from its bell to the intricate keys and tone holes—is beyond me. Again, what an expert!

Besides his collages, Sukanta is highly skilled in creating oil painted and dry pastel portraits. For a look at his complete portfolio (and trust me when I say you don’t want to miss it) visit his website today.


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