Jeffrey Carreras Martinez: Lighthearted Digital Paintings & Illustrations

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

As a child, drawing was always a natural form of self-expression for Jeffrey Carreras Martinez. So after high school, it just made sense for him to take continuous education courses at the Art Students League and School of Visual Arts. By age 20 he was selling portraits and multi-surface murals.

Since then, Jeffrey has expanded his portfolio to include freelance oil paintings, airbrush artwork and digital creations with abstract, sci-fi, and surreal themes. Some of my favorites are below. . .

First off, if anyone’s been looking for a female Indiana Jones, I think Jeffrey found her! Here she stands at the edge of town, taking in a thrilling view.


Beneath a majestic moon (colored in soft magenta light from the oncoming sunset) she stands on the edge of wilderness, choosing between embracing the city life that awaits her or blending like a whisper back into the barren dessert. Regardless of her decision, the sight IS an amazing one to behold.

At a different kind of crossroads, feast your eyes on this: an Intergalactic House of Sausage! (Although I’m guessing it’s light on foot traffic. . . )


Tumbling across space on an asteroid, this 70’s inspired diner contains shadows of patrons enjoying a heavy meal. After all, gravity is no matter! If NASA and the general public don’t know about this hole-in-the-wall cafe yet, the word’s out now, and it’s sure to be a hit among astronauts of every generation.

Last but not least, the final painting for today shows a lone truck in an empty carnival parking lot, with nary a person to be found among the rides, tents and games.


However, the composition maintains the cheer and excitement of a day at the fair with its vibrant colors and festive balloons and flags. Perhaps this truck belongs to a carnival worker who arrived early to set things up before a flock of people arrive for funnel cake, Ferris wheels and the very best three letter word: FUN!!

We’ve only touched on a few of Jeffrey’s adventurously playful digital paintings, and to see the rest, you’ve got to visit his website. Head on over right now!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeffrey collaborated on the previous two paintings with other artists while at the Cartoon Network Production of “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” and was responsible for painting the backgrounds of both, not the entire paintings.


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