Wendy Costa: Whimsical Paintings for Everyday Living

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Want to put a unique twist on your home décor and goods? Look no further than Wendy Costa’s joyful masterpieces, which are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, whether you’re on the computer, cooking in the kitchen, or even traveling.

Costa’s spirited work is fully functional and meant to be enjoyed while living life. That’s why she prints it on tile trivets, ceramics, handbags and wallets, fashion socks, mousepads and much more. Take a look!

When asparagus and lemon are combined, truly refreshing, impeccable taste is the result. Asparagus Dress is a glass cutting board sure to brighten any kitchen.


Sharp asparagus tips bring the hem of the dress to dramatic, sharp points, while lemon slices fill out the skirt with juicy color. A cornflower blue sash tied in a bow adds another layer of contrast even as transparent leaves float lightly in the background, celebrating the two vegetables verbally in swirling, scripty handwriting.

Imaginations are unleashed in Cat’s Music, a pair of colorful socks featuring a blissful gray kitty playing the accordion. Beneath its softly curling tail, a second, pink cat stretches its front legs with a wily smile.


Little decorative touches—like the alternating checkered, striped and dotted patterns—keep the composition interesting, and musical notes swimming within the yellow half circle bring the theme back to that endearing musician.

Lastly, Ciao Bella is a classic example of the creativity Wendy unleashes when depicting amusing people. In this vignette, three elegant ladies sip lattes and espresso while gossiping about exciting life events.


What makes this painting so fun, for me, is their hairstyles, which bring on a sudden craving for an ice cream cone (I have no idea why!) From their chic outfits to the dainty table and chairs, everything about this painting screams sophistication and feminism, and reminds me of a perfect girlfriends’ date.

Wendy’s work is multi-purpose and designed for people to enjoy, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Not only that, but they make great Christmas gifts, and if you’re anything like me, you can’t get started shopping too early!

Visit her website for more information, today!


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