Anna Lifson: Hand-Embroidered “Paintings” on Silk

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Anna Lifson possesses the unique ability to create fantastically-detailed embroidered silk “paintings.” Her longstanding (and surely painstaking) embroidery skills are courtesy of a colorful Vietnamese culture, which she brings full force to Chicago through her art.

Anna is also raising funds to launch her dream, the Chicago Embroidery Institute, which she hopes to someday turn into a national institute. There, students will learn complex skills to create hand-embroidered pieces of their own.

So let’s take a look at her art!

Anna knows that there’s nothing better than a Garden of Poppies (pictured below).


Their bright colors are uplifting when you’re feeling down; their four, simple petals demand attention in the most unassuming manner. They quite literally encourage anyone caught in their midst to take a time out, a short break to daydream, or a moment to appreciate the immense beauty of even the small things in life.

The white background allows the presence of this lovely field of poppies to be enjoyed in all its glory, and the gorgeous butterflies above do just that as they lazily float amidst a sea of sun splashed petals.

In Happiness House a babbling brook, snug cabin, bouquets of wildflowers and amber radiance speak volumes of tranquility and euphoria, of becoming one with the amazing environment that—quite literally in this piece—surrounds us.


I’m absolutely loving the pop of red in the lower right-hand corner, which brings out other bright colors, like the brilliant purple trees hugging the house, or the luminous grass paving a natural path to the water’s edge. Add that to the glowing sky and shimmering pond, and you’ve got a stunner!

Lastly, Landscape 161 features a brilliant tunnel to heaven as trees heavy with blossoms arch their limbs above a dusty path.


Holes in the canopy are scarce, but when they do appear, light shines radiantly down on the trail to entice you further down the path. The grey-brown tree trunks create a gorgeous backdrop and contrast to the cascading coral- and lemon-hued flowers.

This is a place meant for meandering hand-in-hand with a significant other who truly appreciates the spectacular beauty of nature.

Among her many pieces, Anna has also created a lovely embroidered portrait of Martin Luther King, and has a breathtaking collection of religious artwork, too. Be sure to take a look at her website today!


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