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Hi everyone – We’re taking a break from new articles on EE this week, but we’ve got a VERY special announcement for you!

Earlier this month I mentioned that we were working on some big changes over at (our full-featured website service for artists).

Well, after several weeks of coding, and a lot of testing, it’s time for the big reveal.

We now offer 3 new website plans that should make Foliotwist artist websites affordable for everyone, starting with our Totally Free plan—which literally costs nothing, and you can use it as long as you like!

You can also choose from our new Standard Website plan at just $10/month, our Website PRO plan at about $25/month, OR our new Group Website plan, which allows you to join up with several of your friends, and split the cost.

In addition, we’ve added some new features (check ’em out) and a new, simpler homepage featuring a big comparison chart so you can see exactly what each plan comes with.

Why’d we make these changes? Two reasons:

First, because there are a LOT of “free” website services out there, and we want to show that we can compete with them—and beat them!—when it comes to helping artists sell art online, even at a free price point.

And second, because we want more artists to be able to experience Foliotwist, and use it at whatever level works for you.

So if you’re curious, head on over and give Foliotwist a try—I guarantee you’ll love it!

I’ll be available 24/7 this week to answer questions, so don’t hesitate to ask. And of course, EE will be back next week with its regular schedule of articles.

See you then!

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